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May 2015 Recap

Normally I would have posted this yesterday, but it took me all day (between work related stuff and other stuff) to complete my post about Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover. Then today, I felt the need to further clarify what I meant, so I’m just getting around to doing the recap of my birth month.

May began a little rough. Not for me, per se, but for my posts. I was late posting my recap of April, not even posting it until after both Star Wars day and Cinco de Mayo.

For those of you who are not nerds/geeks/Jedis, Star Wars day is May the 4th, as in “May the fourth be with you…” It’s not a serious holiday, but it makes for a fun Facebook feed if you’re as nerdy/geeky as I am.

And then, for those of you not of Mexican descent, or not from Texas, Cinco de Mayo is a holiday celebrating Mexico’s defeat over the French in some war that no one really remembers, but we’ve appropriated it to become a day for celebrating all things Mexican, most notably the food, the pinatas, and the Tequila.

My school did a really cool Cinco de Mayo special put on by the Spanish teacher (who is actually from Colombia), and included stories I’d never heard before read in both English and Spanish.

There was even singing and dancing!

But no tequila, much to my chagrin. My roommate did make tacos, though, if I remember correctly.

Then I saw Age of Ultron opening weekend with my Geek group. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and was most upset at the way people attacked Joss Whedon for “his” treatment of the character Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson).


But the rest of the month was relatively boring…

My students had STAAR testing to finish up, but not for my subject. That week was a little rough for me. I was told my students weren’t quiet enough, and the schedule was so bizarre that I saw the same group of kiddos 6 times in a 5 day period… Yeah, they had me watch what everyone else considers to be the worst class twice in one day, when they’re not supposed to talk, and they didn’t want to do work for me because they had finished my test. The assignment I had scheduled for them really required a library, which the little rinky dink school I’m at doesn’t have.


Yeah, no library. I don’t know how to do a research project with no library, and just ipads, when I’m not allowed to talk.

The Viking even came in to give me mean looks a couple times during that week.


Hence I again began to doubt myself in my job. This has been a recurring theme on here, and hopefully it’s coming to an end.

Around mid-month, I managed to have a really amazing day, meeting someone who helped me to rethink my plans, and to basically stop trying to plan everything out, but just go with the flow.

Another friend of mine who had visited from Washington (state, not DC) had suggested basically the same thing. While I believed her when she said it (as she was giving me a tarot reading), it was nice to have it reinforced by someone else. He recommended I just drop everything and go on holiday abroad, and while I’m not ready for something like that, it did get the wheels turning in my brain to help me make some serious decisions about next year.

In my relationships, it’s been equally as interesting.

progressI feel like I’ve made some real progress with the Boy. Not particularly in a romantic way, although I no longer feel as negatively about that possibility as I once did, but in a way that makes me feel like he is truly my ally. I don’t feel like I have to fight with him to be heard. We understand each other…mostly, and that is hard to do.

I also started a correspondence with Mr. West Coast. I haven’t figured out what his angle is just yet, and maybe he doesn’t have one, but our interactions are a bit strange… Sometimes it feels like we’re having an open honest discussion, getting to know one another, and then other times, it feels like he is purposely being condescending to me. Perhaps it’s because of my view of men: I expect them to not be up front and honest with me, nor do I expect them to value my intellect. Or perhaps he has a faulty view of women, and thus doesn’t realize when he’s being condescending.

I briefly discussed the situation with the Boy and as I told him some of the things that were said by Mr. West Coast, he just laughed and said something (sarcastically) along the lines of “this guy’s really trying to cement himself in your future, isn’t he?” His point being that some of the things Mr. West Coast said were not exactly helping his case for being in my life for any reason.

The Olde Man had a similar response, so I don’t think my reaction was as unprecedented as some might see it.

Mr. West Coast did offer to send me flowers, though, and I’ve never had a man send me flowers before… I think that counts for something.


Meanwhile, conversations started back up with the Massage Guy, though, I really think I’m going to have to pass on him. The only thing he’s got going for him is his promise that he’s good with his hands (as in massages, you pervs!).

He did offer me a massage and a facial… although I’m not sure how I’d feel about a guy I was considering dating that close to my face without make-up on as a first meeting.

Young beautiful girl receiving pink facial mask in spa beauty salon - indoors

The rest of the month has been pretty introspective, though mostly in response to crazy things happening in the media, like the previously mentioned attack on Joss Whedon, or the similar attack on Simon Pegg when he pointed out that movies are getting dumber, or the audiences are dumber, or some variation of that idea.

I’ve also seen some movies that have given me a new perspective on how we view and treat each other lately. Belle was amazing! So was Bessie, though I didn’t write a post about that one. And for my birthday, the Boy took me to see Tomorrowland, which is another excellent movie with a great message about perspective.

And speaking of movies… it seems that my movie review posts have been getting a lot of love. The top two posts last month were movie reviews. The Boy told me once that that was what I should be doing. Maybe I’ll take him up on it and see about a job reviewing movies… It’s a thought.

In the meantime, here are the most viewed posts (and the most interested countries) of May 2015:


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1) Secrets and Services: my Kingsman Date
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5) No S.O.S. needed.

Top 3 countries that read my blog:

1) USA
2) France
3) Germany



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