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Don’t Be A Relationship Martyr

Sometimes I wonder if this is what happened…

Thought Catalog

You didn’t feel worthy of the love she was giving you. At times you did and you appreciating calling her your girl, your lady, your girlfriend, but the doubt you had about yourself became overwhelming. You began to plant ideas in your mind that you weren’t good enough. You started thinking and over thinking about yourself, your lack of confidence, your future and how you were going to get there and what was going to happen. You were selfish and it affected your relationship. But it wasn’t just her you were neglecting; it was your entire family and your friends. You just weren’t emotionally involved in anything or anyone. Just drowning in simmering thoughts about how little you thought of yourself.

“What is wrong with you?” you would ask.

You lost all confidence in your ability to do anything. It showed in your writing; the thing you loved to do…

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