Daily Archives: March 20, 2015

Day 26: Something That Always Makes Me Feel Better

There is one thing that always makes me feel better. No matter how bad the day or the circumstances that make me blue, no matter if I’m sick or just sick of something, a bath always makes things better. There are different baths for different levels of blue-funkedness, but a bath¬†always¬†makes me feel better.

During my first attempt at college, I had this amazing friend who knew exactly how to draw a bath for me. I was staying with this friend and his lover even though I had a room in the dorms. My roommate and I didn’t exactly mesh well, and she gave into the homesickness something fierce. She finally quit leaving the room altogether. It was unbearable! Everyone needs some private time every once in a while, and sharing a space slightly smaller than my childhood bedroom with another person who NEVER left forced me to find alternate housing.

Enter a couple of friends of mine who had a spare bedroom. I basically moved in, and left a lot of my stuff in my dorm room. Shouldn’t have done that; she ran off with a handful of my DVD’s and VHS tapes–just the romantic comedies… I used to like those somewhat. But my gay men rescued me. I took over their spare bedroom, waterbed and all, and we had a wonderful time! Sunday morning breakfast was one of my favorites. This was back when I had no fear or inhibitions. Continue reading Day 26: Something That Always Makes Me Feel Better