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Stop Trying To Fix Me Because I Am Broken

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Flickr / Mateus Lunardi DutraFlickr / Mateus Lunardi Dutra

“Smoking’s really not good for you, you know.”

After my grandmother got diagnosed with lung cancer due to a decades-long smoking habit, that was on the tip of my tongue every time I saw someone I cared about with a cigarette in hand. It wasn’t until one of them turned to me after I made a similarly worded comment about it and said something to the effect of “Emily, I don’t tell you what to do with your life” that I realized he was asking me exactly what I have been asking people to do my entire life.

Stop trying to fix me.

Stop trying to fix me because just because I am broken does not mean I’m not worthy. I am worthy- of love, of respect, of success. Even if I don’t believe it all the time, somewhere deep down inside whispers it to…

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