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Endless Love: Does it exist?

Almost as if in response to today’s post for my #30DayChallenge, I ended up watching Endless Love this evening.

Endless LoveIt’s an Alex Pettyfer flick where the girl from the rich family falls for the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, a true diamond in the not so rough (Alex Pettyfer is many things, but rough is not one of them), and they love each other so much that it hurts. The message of the movie is that that love where you can’t stand to be away from the other person, that “once-in-a-lifetime love,” that love is worth fighting for.

That’s the love I’m afraid I’ll never experience from my post today. That love where the other person is willing to fight for you. That feeling where when the other person is gone, you feel like a piece of your soul is missing, when you can’t wait to see them again and hold them in your arms and just be near them. The love where the other person’s smile is all it takes to make you smile.

I want that love that kisses away my tears and risks everything to see me when I get back into town from a trip. I want a love that would follow me to the ends of the earth and back again.

I want a love like the kind seen in the movies.

But does it really exist? Is this kind of love real or is it some construct that Hollywood has created for us to make us feel like we are missing something in our lives? Is it just a ploy to put butts in seats?

I really hope not.

While this movie isn’t going to win any awards any time soon, it was a cute love story that just reminded me of what the media tells me I’m missing.

That’s not particularly fair. It was cute. I wasn’t paying attention when it first came on, which is a bit of a shame because I’m not sure it was one of those movies that I’ll ever feel a need to watch again, but the idea behind it is that these two lovebirds are just graduating from high school and engage in a wondrous summer love affair that turns into the greatest love of their lifetimes.

I started paying attention when they were about to have what I think was their first kiss, in a closet at her parents’ house after a blackout occurred in the middle of the celebration party for her. Alex looks her deep in the eyes and tells her he’s wanted to kiss her since the tenth grade and couldn’t go another minute without telling her that. The tenth grade part aside, that is ridiculously romantic. I wish a man would walk up to me and tell me he’s wanted to kiss me since whenever, and he couldn’t wait another moment to tell me.

It’s that passion that I seek. That feeling that I might just explode if I don’t touch or kiss or hold the person of my affection.


What makes this movie good (but also wholly unoriginal) is the idea that you can have this kind of love with your first love. This love is the real, truest form of love and you can find it all at once, and it will never fade if it’s real.

Disney has cornered the market on this idea; every Disney princess ever, until Merida and Elsa, has undergone this kind of love at first glance experience. It’s completely unrealistic, but oh so exactly what I want.

Sometimes, I want to believe that some ex or other will realize what he let go and will come back around and tell me that he realized that life wasn’t the same without me. That I was the one worth fighting for. Or as they said in He’s Just Not That Into You, that I’m the exception instead of the rule.

you are my exception

That’s another one that has helped rearrange my mental processes about love a time or three. The premise of that movie is that women are are the ones sabotaging their friends’ calm because we tell each other all these little stories and quips to make our behavior acceptable, especially when we do things like go after someone else’s man, or wait around for him to propose after a ridiculously long time, or hope to be taken out of the friendzone. It has a great message about not getting your hopes up, and has some really solid rules about how to spot when a guy just isn’t interested…

And then it says that basically the person that is your true love is the exception to all those rules. The person you are meant to spend the rest of your life with is the person who doesn’t follow any of those rules because… they are the person you can’t stand to not be around, or that you’re willing to throw all your rules out of the window for.

They are *ahem* worth fighting for.

So, again, does that endless love, that love worth fighting for, does it truly exist?

I hope so, and if it does, I really really could use some of that right about now.




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6 thoughts on “Endless Love: Does it exist?

  1. I know it’s stupid to worry about these stuff when I’m only 13, but I can’t help it. My biggest goal is to find love, always has been, but not this practical, average relationship.
    I wanna to find the love that “never dies, never fades” etc.
    But I’m afraid that it doesen’t exist or I will never find it.

    1. Love is never stupid to think about, but don’t worry if you haven’t found it by 13. I’m 34 and still looking! I have a friend who’s 36 or 38 and she just found it. In today’s world, where we live so much longer than people used to, it’s possible to find love later in life. And with the internet, our world is both bigger and smaller at the same time. You might find a love that’s on the other side of the world! What an adventure that would be! Just don’t settle for someone who is unworthy of you just because you’re in a rush to find true love.

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