Daily Archives: March 11, 2015

Day 17: My Biggest Fear

We all have that one thing, the fear that we don’t share. The thing that keeps us up at night and makes our hearts beat at the pace of a hummingbird’s wing. The one thing that makes us freeze like the rabbit who smells danger or the deer in the headlights who knows that she is a goner, but who cannot move.

Mine is being alone. Continue reading Day 17: My Biggest Fear

Help Finish The Story.

You remember those choose your own adventure books when you were younger? If you don’t, you might be too young for this blog… but that aside, I’ve been inspired to write again. I’ve got an interesting (to me) beginning, but I’m missing some key elements and a direction.

So let’s do an experiment.

I’m going to post what I’ve got written so far, and then in the comments below, you guys and gals help me get to the next step. Particularly, I would like your input into the guy that Lydia (our heroine) is there to meet at the bar. He needs a name, and a description. What does he do? How does he look? What is her first impression? Stuff like that. I’ll take the info y’all provide and keep working on the story.

Sounds like fun to me. Continue reading Help Finish The Story.