Daily Archives: March 5, 2015

Day 11: If I won the lottery

Today’s post for my #30DayChallenge is about winning the lottery. This is a much easier post for me than yesterday’s! I know exactly where my money would go:

First and foremost, I’d pay off my student loan debt… well, ALL┬ámy debt, including that which has been borrowed from friends. That’s about $50K right there.

Then I’d help my mother pay off her student loans.

Then I’d give some to my brothers, an equal amount each.

With whatever was left, I’d buy me a condo, a new car, go on a massive shopping spree (it’s been entirely too long since I had some new things), and then go on my long dreamt about trip to Ireland.

Since I don’t know how much money I won in this hypothetical situation, I don’t know if I’ve spent it all. Continue reading Day 11: If I won the lottery

Vanity versus Self-Esteem: How to Help Your Girl Heal

Yesterday’s post for the #30DayChallenge was particularly hard for me. I think it’s hard for some people (myself included) to acknowledge the good things about ourselves.

Once upon a time, it was considered rude to accept a compliment, and some people still feel that way. Try it sometime: the next time someone offers you a compliment, just say “Thank you; I know.” In most cases, you’ll see the other person’s smile twitch or full on contort into a grimace of disgust. That will be followed with some sort of comment about how you think you’re so hot. You’re not supposed to admit that you think highly of yourself! Then the shaming begins. Continue reading Vanity versus Self-Esteem: How to Help Your Girl Heal