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Good Advice For Any Occasion

Tonight, for dinner, my friend surprised me with Chinese food for dinner. It was a nice surprise. I haven’t had Chinese food in a while. Which also means that I haven’t had any fortune cookies for a while.

Tonight’s cookie was a doozy, perfect for all my current situations:

2015-02-26 21.20.24

Never take shortcuts! Not in business, or in your personal projects, or in love. Shortcuts equal shoddy work, and shoddy work lays a poor foundation for any endeavor. A poor foundation leads to nothing but failure, heartbreak, and ruin.

In love, trying to take shortcuts means you don’t get to truly know the person. And they never get to know you either. You end up living a lie based on the short-lived persona you created in the very beginning. In the beginning, you’re more likely to accentuate things your lover finds appealing, and hide things that you think might offend.

Don’t be ashamed! We all do it; we all wear masks until we’re prepared to show someone our true selves.

Real love requires you to explore each other, to take your time to get to know one another’s strengths and weaknesses, to find what it is we hide in the beginning and why we hide it.

Real love requires us to see the true, naked self of the other person.


So hold out for that one person who sees your naked soul and rejoices, not the one who revels in your naked flesh.

That article about how to make someone fall in love with you is a shortcut, and though I wasn’t trying to follow it’s guidance, I realize now I was hoping for the shortcut to work for me with the Superman situation.

And we all know how badly that imploded!

So heed the fortune cookie: avoid shortcuts. Don’t hide your true self.




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