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January 2015 Recap

It’s that time again: Time for the first monthly update of 2015. This year has started off with lots of ups and downs (mostly ups), and it has given me hope that 2015 will be as lucky as my dad’s superstitions suggest. I really think it will.

First up, there’s a new look to this blog. I decided before the end of last year that I was going to try to focus on just one aspect of my life for this blog: relationships. By focusing on relationships, I can both vent when things get a little iffy in my own relationships, but I can also perhaps utilize my innate skills to offer dating advice to those who follow along. If I ever make it through that Graduate program I talked about for last year’s #GetGutsy challenge, I might actually have a Psych degree and the expertise to make this blog into something really useful.

Get Gutsy Ebook Contributor BadgeSpeaking of the #GetGutsy competition, I entered again this year. Didn’t win again, but the contest definitely brought a lot of traffic to this site, and it was quite cathartic for me to discuss some of my problems from the previous year with a goal in mind instead of just kvetching . My entry this year focused on my job troubles from last year and how they have inspired me in a way which has renewed my love for what I do. 

back2schoolAnd that love brought me to a new job! I have been working at a new school for two weeks now. It’s small, and in a not so great town very far from the city that I like so much, but I have found the place where I think I belong.

My kids are amazing! The very first day, I started asking them things they knew, and one kid asked me a question. Immediately, I started going into a lesson. When I turned around, the kids were all taking notes. I hadn’t told them to get out their notebooks or anything. And other than one student, they’ve all been really, amazing.

Miss_FrizzleThe administrations is equally as perfect! They have given me almost total carte blanche in my class… so long as I can show results. I think that the knowledge I gained from my last school about reading test scores and aligning my lessons so that they better served the kids’ needs will definitely help me in this area. My natural lesson organization, which was so very unappreciated at the old school, will also help me here.

Basically, the place is perfect so far.

Then again, two weeks isn’t enough time to determine anything properly. Just look at my relationship situation:

  • Started amazing! I was sure this was a lasting thing.
  • Every date was even more exciting, more romantic, and just generally better than the last. My Joy Jar was filling up with positive notes about Superman.
  • Then, around two weeks into the New Year (and the blossoming relationship), things just fell apart. I’m not sure why Superman can’t see it as a simple misunderstanding, but I hope to get to the bottom of it. Perhaps if he could explain to me what exactly I did that upset him so very badly we could move forward, either by letting it (the issue) go, or by letting it (the relationship) go. Preferably, we can let the issue go.


There’s also been a fair amount of Introspection going on while I try to figure out what causes the misunderstandings in basic dating to occur.

I blame the militant feminists and the Romantic Comedies (RomComs).

Either way, there’s a lot of things to look at and discuss. In the meantime, here are the top posts and viewer countries from the past month:

5Top 5 posts of January:

1) Not Resolutions, but Goals
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Top 3 countries that read my blog:

1) USA
2) United Kingdom
3) Switzerland



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3 thoughts on “January 2015 Recap

  1. SO glad to hear you are enjoying your new job! Yay!

    Also, thank you once again for entering the contest. I am so glad it brought some well deserved traffic your way!


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