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Bizarro News

So, turns out Superman was unworthy of his name. The guy I thought was sweet and caring and nearly perfect actually strung me along like all the rest. Never had any interest in me. Not enough to be willing to share that we ever hung out by tagging me in things on facebook.

Not that I needed him to do so. Our time had been ours and was special, and sweet, and perfect.

But, just like the Boy, it seems he got rid of me for someone else. He had taken her to the event he had helped to plan. “Just a friend” who offered to go with him, since his ex was going to be there as well. He took her out the night I had to reschedule. He tagged her in his posts.

Then today, after telling me that he had been thinking about shutting things down for good, I accidentally facebook stalked him.

And saw where his sister wanted to meet the girl. The one he took to the event. The one who he took out when I had to reschedule.

While I had been trying to get my life in order, trying to get acclimated to a new job, and thought there was still a shot, he had moved on.

This tidbit he didn’t even have the nerve to tell me. He just said there was nothing there for us… I’m still trying to figure out how he came to that conclusion. And still trying to figure out how I fell for the bullshit of another scumbag liar.

Honesty is so very sexy, but men seem incapable of it.



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