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Everything Comes Back Again

With the new look and the new focus of this blog, I’d lake to take a little bit of time to look back at some of the posts of this past year, particularly the ones that might actually be helpful or in line with our look into the Gender Divide. Heaven forbid that I become someone who looks too much to the past, but some of these posts will be referenced in upcoming discussions, so I thought it best to look back at them now.

Seeking an Intellectual Alpha Male 

intellectual alpha maleI reference this post. A lot! It has been my belief that the traits that women are looking for have changed with the times. Once upon a time, women needed a man who could physically protect them from the dangers of the world and provide them with basic needs. They needed a man who was strong enough to build a home and work the land or hunt the wildlife. They needed a big, brawny, beefy man, and those men became the hot commodity: the alpha males. But no longer. This post discusses my definition of the ideal mate in today’s world.

Why some women have rape fantasies, or how Ayn Rand perverted my sense of romance

aynrandComing off of the discussion of what makes a man desirable, I wanted to look a bit into why I wanted that type of male. This post is a discussion of why women (or at least this woman) still want a dominant male. It is clarification, using the text of Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, as to what modern day romance is, or should be. 

T-t-t-touch Me

touch meHere I talk about the importance of touch in a relationship: why we need to be touched, what happens when touch is withheld, and how touching is not just a feminine trait. There is research that shows the importance of touch, but there’s also this really negative stereotype attributed to women, in which we hold out on sex as a form of control in relationships. This post discusses both. As we go forth discussing the gender divide, things like the feminization of certain important aspects of a relationship (such as the need to be touched) will definitely come up.

Dating: How do you do it?

Dating-questionsDating has stages. Did you know that? If you base it off of television, the stages are seriously lacking. Instead of slowly moving through all five stages of dating, we skip ahead creating a recurring cycle often called “serial monogamy.” This post discusses the right way to move through the five stages in an attempt to break the cycle.

Textiquette: There should be a class or something

textiquetteCommunication is so very important in relationships, especially when a relationship is in the early stages. Clashing texting styles can lead to a huge communication breakdown. This post discusses the different types of texters, and how to navigate the differences to save relationships.

Peruse at your leisure. If you have any questions or comments, be sure to leave them below. If I’ve missed anything, let me know. Or if there is something you’d like me to focus on in the upcoming posts, leave that as well.

Thanks for sticking with me as I figure out where we go from here!



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