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August Recap.

I took Labor Day off from life in general, so this post is a day behind when it should have come out. I did absolutely nothing useful yesterday. I’m sure I should have been doing something (like finishing the lesson plans that another teacher was responsible for, but didn’t get the materials to me until Sunday night…), but I chose to relax and play Sim City.

Speaking of Sims, the Sims 4 came out today, but it was not in the budget. I’ll have to wait until next week… oh the horror!!


September has a lot of interesting things coming up. The third part of the Atlas Shrugged trilogy is one of the biggest things I’m looking forward to (other than the Sims 4, obviously). I’m hoping that the final installment does the book justice better than the first 2 parts did. I’m also intrigued who the actors will be since the first 2 didn’t have the same actors at all.


But this is the recap of August, which was full of surprises. Obviously, August includes the introduction of the new guy, and the final removal of the old Boy. (I wish I hadn’t taken so long to get rid of him, but I was blinded by a feeling I didn’t understand… C’est la vie.)

My biggest fear thus far with this new guy is that I’m repeating the mistake I made with the Boy. We’re moving fast, really fast, and I don’t want it to burn out before it blossoms fully. Last week alone, he showed up unexpectedly for a “rendezvous” (to use his term) on Wednesday, we had plans that didn’t go quite as planned on Thursday, we went to a dinner party at a friend of mine’s house on Friday, and spent all day Saturday together working on stuff, him on his art project and me on school stuff. We have another date set for tomorrow (if his art project isn’t behind schedule… it has to be finished by Saturday, or so), plus he’s already making plans for Halloween!

So yeah, real fast.

In other August news, last week was the first week of classes, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Three weeks ago I was super excited about all the changes being made to the school.

But today I was observed for the first time officially. First of all, I’m not sure that’s legal. I think it’s against the district policy to observe a teacher after a holiday of any sort, and yesterday was definitely a holiday. Second of all, the a/c in my room is out and that means I was not at my best because I was literally melting. My face (i.e. makeup) was sliding off because of the massive heat and humidity in my room. Thirdly, the kids were insane because when they’re uncomfortable, they want to do what makes them comfortable, which in this case was talk…

If this was a serious evaluation, I’m going to request another one. If it was just informal, then so be it. But I am no longer feeling safe and secure in my position. I feel as if the administration is out to get the teachers instead of support us.

I think this Watsky video pretty much sums up my feeling (plus so much more).

While you’re enjoying the awesomeness that is George Watsky, here are the most viewed posts (and the most interested countries) of August:


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Top 3 countries that read my blog:

1) USA
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