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Some of my favorite things!

Tonight is the night before a new school year, so I’ll be keeping this brief. There have been a lot of new things going on in my life lately, and so I wanted to share them with you, especially because one of the new things might actually affect you, my internet friends!

I started a new, separate blog for my teacher stuff: T is for Teacher. The old stuff can still be found here: Tea(ching) with Children, but I thought it was time to separate my work stuff from my more personal (and somewhat NSFW) material. With all the talk of dating, and potentially sexy talk, I didn’t think my teacher stuff should be linked here. 

I also am aware that some people only follow certain aspects of my blog, so now my teacher friends/followers don’t have to sit through days and days of dating diatribe, but can sit back and relax while they read about the shenanigans at my school (or the solutions to said shenanigans). 

So that is the first of my favorite things: freedom to be myself. Now I can talk a little bit more freely about my life, without the concern that it will somehow taint how people view me as a teacher. Those two parts of my “self” are separate now. Well, at least online. 

Another of my favorite things is this new guy in my life. He is, to use an outdated term, kinda dreamy. And I mean that with multiple connotations. He is a dreamer. He makes me dream about the future. He is dreamy in appearance… I could probably go on, but I don’t want to become one of those girls who gush about a guy. Especially since in the past when I’ve done so, it didn’t work out so well…

But I will give you a few of the details, albeit, probably not the more sordid details. 

shhhSuffice it to say, this guy has my attention! When I last wrote about him, I was telling you about the amazing line he used to ask me out on our first date. And true to his word, he has been a gentleman… well mostly. He took me to a really nice Greek restaurant, and he bought a new shirt for our first date. I had planned to go shopping as well, but instead I spent the day leading up to our date frantically cleaning my house because he was picking me up (very old-fashioned indeed, but I liked it). I must admit, a tiny part of me was hoping he’d want to stay for a nightcap, but, c’est la vie, it was not meant to be… I didn’t get the house clean enough for such a thing. Although that’s not to say we didn’t have quite a bit of fun!

I liked that he went out of his way to try to impress me, not by spending tons of money, but by trying to show me things I hadn’t seen before: the restaurant where we went for dinner was new to me (and him), and the art class thing he had planned to take me to afterwards would have been a first for me as well. Instead we went to Neil’s Bahr, which I have been to before, but it was still wonderful.

FireflyHe was attentive, and listened to me. We talked about some of the new things he’d experienced because of me, like he watched Firefly because I suggested it, and began reading The Fountainhead because I was passionate about Ayn Rand… He made me feel special, and he’s continued to do so throughout the week.

We got together again the following Wednesday. We were to watch a movie, and that isn’t quite what happened. It set off a few warning bells, to say the least. I mean, how many times did “the boy” put me through the same make a plan and then not follow through before I finally had enough? Now I’m a bit hypersensitive to such things, I’m afraid.

We did hang out that night, but we didn’t go anywhere. We just had wine at my place.  He brought over a bottle of Merlot and we talked and made out a bit (he likes kissing almost as much as I do, what a plus!) and stayed up until midnight before he left. 

Last night, he invited me over to watch the Doctor Who premiere. I’m a Whovian; he’s not. There is a bit of a pattern of him going out of his way to try things that I like so that we have more to talk about. And that is such a refreshing change. 

And while we’re talking about talking… The man has an extensive vocabulary! He used “progenitor,” “emulate,” and “magnanimous” correctly, just as normally as most men would talk about football. As I am extremely sapiosexual, his vocabulary is very sexy to me. 


So, we’ve confirmed his intelligence level, not that I had any doubts. 

And he makes me feel pretty, yet he hasn’t yet said the words. It’s in the way he touches me, like when he grabbed my hand on our first date to “look at my bracelet,” and yet seemed more interested in the flesh of my palm and shape of my fingers than the bracelet. 

(You know it’s serious when I, of all people, invoke musicals to discuss my feelings!)

My favorite thing so far: he has decided we should slow down because he wants this to be something serious, something real… 

I agree that we’ve been moving too fast, and I even brought it up. Although our way of measuring too fast isn’t quite the same, we are in agreement that things need to slow down a bit. So we’re not going to try to see as much of each other, or as intimately, like going over to just hang out. 

It’s nice to be involved with someone who is communicative. When I ask a question, he just answers it. No hesitation, no guilt trips about it being too personal or “weird,” just a straightforward answer. 

I’m not sure where this is going yet, but I definitely think he’s playing for keeps. He’s not looking for a quick roll in the hay, or a strange undefined possible something based on a feeling. He’s really trying to know me, and see if this can transform into something serious. 

And that, that feeling of being wanted and knowing that he wants to explore me physically, mentally, emotionally, and my past and present and possible futures, that feeling is what I’ve been looking for. That feeling is the feeling that was lacking from the last relationship (or whatever it was), and from the attempts by the flurry of guys that came waltzing through my life this summer.




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