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Where do we go from here?

So May has come and gone, but all endings bring new beginnings! So let’s begin with the good news: This blog has officially reached over 100 followers! Thank you ladies and gentlemen for being a part of my blogging family!


May seem like a small feat to some, but since this blog was originally just a place for me to kvetch when things got rough at work, it’s a pretty big deal. Somewhere along the way, I tapped into some part of myself I only vaguely recognized and started offering advice that (apparently) is appreciated by real live people! It’s a proud moment for me.

And it reinforces my plans to go back to school to study the correlation between depth psychology and mythical archetypes. So I think I’ve made my mind up about that, finally: Pacifica, here I come!

My future


It also means there are probably going to be some changes around here. I’ve noticed that the people who follow my blog are split into 3 (or maybe even 4) groups: Teachers, adoptees/adopters, and people looking for dating advice. Occasionally, I’ll get someone who’s interested in my poetry or the Twosday photography, but I think I can work those into one of the other categories. Those are very diverse categories and the only common denominator is… ME.

DecisionMaking1So here’s the question: Do I continue as is, even though these three different groups don’t really go together? Or do I split this blog into 3 separate blogs? And can I even maintain 3 separate blogs? That’s a lot of work, since I’m not blogging for money… If I choose to focus on just one, which one should I choose?

If we look back at what’s been happening in May, it becomes a pretty obvious choice, but I definitely want your input, so be sure to give your input by answering the poll below, or by leaving a comment.

There’s not much to recap in the month of May, since I kind of disappeared for half of it, but as of the 14th , I was back on the blogging path, and heading in a very specific direction! With a quick welcome back, and briefly touching on the subject that would become my Summer Dating Investigation, I only just did my April recap of what had been going on while I was… out of commission on the 21st.

social calendarFrom there, my blogging and my social life took a very busy turn! I’ve been on more dates in the last few weeks than I have in months, possibly years, but it has given me lots to look into as far as this blog is concerned:

We looked at the 10 guys you should supposedly experience before getting married. I gravitate towards 2 of them over and over again. Not sure exactly what that says about me, but perhaps I can meet a few of the other kinds before it’s too late…

We looked at a brief overview of what many people will be experiencing over the summer: the Summer Fling! I talked a little about the history and the literary/film connections to this idea of the wild Summer Romance.

dalekI had thought I had met a gentleman that might take my idea of Summer Romance and escalate it to a serious romance… but that fell a little short. He made a strong case for himself with the gift he bought me on our first date, for my birthday… Only to overshoot and suggest a long term, serious relationship before we’d even had our second date. While it is definitely the thought that counts, there is something to be said for practicality, and his expectations weren’t practical. At. All. It is so very frustrating when people do things backwards; he should’ve read my post about how to date. By the end of the week, he’d caused an argument that knocked him out of the running of any kind of romantic anything!

I finished up May with my first ever, completely original (as in not a response to someone else’s work) advice post about “textiquette.” It can be applied to people in general, but it was inspired by a very close friend and the aforementioned argument from the gentleman in the previous paragraph.

The top posts and countries for May:

5Top 5 posts:

  1. Textiquette: There Should Be a Class or Something
  2. Gearing Up for the Summer Fling
  3. T-t-t-touch Me.
  4. And We’re Back
  5. Twosday: Back in Time


journey of threesTop 3 countries that read my blog:

  1. USA
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada

So, decidedly, my posts have been dealing with relationships, and I think I would be better able to utilize this blog by focusing on just relationships through the lens of archetypes/labels.

People often find themselves in various categories (humans love to label things, don’t we?), and sometimes the different categories do not mesh well. With my interest in archetypes, I think I’d like to make the primary focus of this blog about those labels we place on ourselves and our fellow humans, and how we can interact beyond those labels, both the stated ones and the implied labels.

In the poll below, let me know what you think I should focus on:



High school teacher by day, relationship/romance blogger by night. Help me add author to the list. Vote for my book idea here:

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