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Gearing up for the Summer Fling

There’s just something about summer that makes people a little bit crazy. You know what I’m talking about; the Girls Gone Wild, drink heavily, and love freely madness that comes from the summer months. Clothes cover less, and people spend most of their time in little more than underwear (or less… have you seen some bikinis lately?). Hormones seem to go wild, and then comes the Summer Fling.

(Past this point are bikini photos… Considered yourself warned!)





It’s no wonder hormones go wild during the summer months!

Oh the Summer Fling!

The mysterious romance that lasts in theory for just the warm summer months, when there is this ethereal sensation of freedom from June to August. How many movies have featured the Summer Fling? And what is our fascination?

Gearing up for the Summer Fling
“BELTANE LORD AND LADY”, Margaret Harwood

The fascination can go as far back as some of the Celtic Pagan myths. Beltane (aka May Day, May 1st, etc.) is the last of the Spring fertility festivals and heralds the beginning of the growing season, both literally (as in crops growing in fields) and metaphorically. On Beltane, in some traditions, people would consummate their one-year handfastings, a temporary marriage that lasted for a year and a day to test the compatibility of the marriage partners. People would, in those pre-Christianity times, go out into the fields with their partners and do the deed, metaphorically representing the God impregnating the Goddess, or Mother Earth. Very symbolic! Very lusty! And the beginning of the Summer Fling!

That version of the King Arthur myth in which he accidentally impregnates his sister during a fertility rite? Yeah, that’s Beltane. The sex of the summer is meant to help fertilize the fields to increase the yield of the harvest.

And then comes Midsummer.

Shakespeare helps us to see the sexiness of Midsummer. Remember in high school when you read a Midsummer’s Night Dream? Those faeries were “frolicking” all over the place, seducing the mortals, turning them into ass-monsters (as in donkey, not the other variety), and generally spreading the feelings of free love around. Those pesky mortals were pretty lusty all on their own. They were running away to elope after all…

Gearing Up for the Summer Fling
Pesky, lusty mortals!

History is full of stories of Summer Lovin’. And Hollywood has continued the tradition…

AMC has come up with a list of the top ten Summer Fling movies of all time. Admittedly, I haven’t seen them all, but the ones that I have seen, I agree they deserve a spot on the list. Here’s the short version, but you can find the whole list, complete with plot synopses, on AMC’s website.

Gearing Up for the Summer Fling10: Before Sunrise

9: Much Ado About NothingGearing Up for the Summer Fling

8: Mama Mia!

7: The Seven Year Itch

6: Roman Holiday

5: Say Anything…Gearing Up for the Summer Fling

4: West Side Story

3: The Graduate

2: GreaseGearing Up for the Summer Fling

And the best Summer Fling movie of all time…

1: Dirty Dancing


So as you get ready for YOUR summer romance, check those out for some inspiration. But remember, Summer Flings have different rules than traditional relationships. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be focusing on the romantic side of things, and I think we’ll begin with a look at the rules of the short term, Summer relationship known as the Fling.

If you can think of a Summer Fling movie that was left out, please add it in the comments below. As it is, I haven’t seen 4 of the movies listed above, so I have some…research…ahead of me!

Here’s to Summer Lovin’!



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