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Upcoming birthday celebrations and an April(ish) Recap.

Since I actually missed the transition from April to May, and I’m not computer savvy enough to figure out how to just look at the month of April, I’ll be recapping the tops from the month of April and thus far into May.

I’d wait until the end of May to do this, and then just skip the month of April recap altogether, but… it’s my birthday this weekend, and I think I might be busy next week trying to get back on track with life in general. This might be my last opportunity to really reminisce about the past couple of months and the breakdown/recovery that happened during that time.

Twosday: Silly SelfiesObviously, the breakdown happened in March and coincided with a bunch of negativity in the realms of work and love that added to the already negative health issues that I was going through. But April gave me a bit of a respite, and started off with some relaxation and generally innocent tomfoolery. Nothing like a quick selfie (or a not so quick selfie song) to pick up your spirits, especially when accompanied by a much needed seaside picnic and sunbathing!

Then the rest of April’s posts (or at least the ones actually written by me) were about dating, specifically the failed relationship that I was leaving. It was a failure, but I still don’t know why exactly. Theories abound, as always, but even after calmly discussing it with the other party involved, I’m still a little confused as to what actually went wrong… Mostly because the general consensus is that nothing actually did go wrong.

indianajones5It’s complicated.

My way of handling it was to try to express what it was that I was looking for. I needed to see if I had actually chosen poorly. Did the person who was dumping me even meet my standards? Was he truly an Intellectual Alpha? Could he dominate me in the way I sought?

I even needed to express myself with some poetry, using a quote I came up with nearly 15 years ago and have been trying to fit into a creative work ever since:

I came to a place
Where the truth was pure
And my heart
Wept with gladness.

I attempted to reconnect with teaching by reposting other people’s teaching anecdotes, but it didn’t work. I thought I was done with teaching! I didn’t think I could face it anymore, the constant trying to get through to students who don’t want to learn because everything you need to know can be found on Google these days. I was distraught and had very little faith in humanity…

And I quit posting altogether.

back2schoolUntil a week ago, when I decided that I had to get involved in my own life again. Offline, I have been doing things, like trying to get a new job for next school year, plus a summer job (since I basically took my summer in the spring), and trying not to get fired because the school lost my paperwork… You know, little things like that.

It helps that I’ve decided that I can teach again. I had lost faith in myself because everything around me was falling apart, and being rejected by a person I really cared about without any explanation why added to my low levels of self-esteem. But I remembered a very important thing:


So back to teaching, and back to blogging I go!

I’m also back on the dating path. You might say it’s hunting season in Lizland, and it’s been an interesting safari so far, but I haven’t bagged any wild game just yet. Thus far, there’s been the guy who shoved his tongue down my throat without permission, the guy who was too touchy highereducationfeely and was really convinced he needed to walk me to his car instead of mine, the guy who seems to be all talk (but it’s very intellectually stimulating talk…if he’d just make a move we might be able to have a little fun!), there was the violinist who made the first move but didn’t follow through, and now there’s the guy with the foot fetish, but he’s about to knock himself out of the running before we even meet face to face! I’m still waiting on some sexy guy to make me feel good. Where’s Ryan Gosling when you need him? (Side note: Ryan Gosling became the topic of discussion in a response to the awesome blog post here. I thought I’d take the discussion to the next level!)

I have a feeling that my posts may be more about dating for a while than anything else, so there is a poll at the end of this post to help me determine where I should focus first on my dating extravaganza!

But first, a really long time ago (or so it seems), I promised that on Wednesdays I would post some updates about how I’m doing healthwise. So here goes nothing:

  • I’ve lost nearly 3 pounds since last week.
  • That’s entirely based on eating less calories, and not on any change in behavior
  • But it has motivated me to make the changes in behavior necessary for better results.
  • Today, I did not take a nap (a big deal given my recent medical woes)
  • And I took Pepper for a nice long walk through the neighborhood.
  • I even bought some healthy groceries. Not many, but there are veggies in the house again!

And now, here are the most viewed posts (and the most interested countries) of the last 30 days:


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journey of threesTop 3 countries that read my blog:

  1. USA
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Serbia




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