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RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

David R. Taylor-Thoughts on Education

This video make three points about what motivates people. Education has eliminated all three.

3 factors lead to better performance.

1. Autonomy
2. Mastery
3. Purpose

Well, you can throw number one out the window the days of a teacher having autonomy in the classroom are ancient history.

There is limited time for mastery, we must just cover what is being tested to a the minimal level.

Most teachers see a declining “purpose” each day. They are beat up, kicked, and then put in a closet to be quiet. Many are reaching their breaking point.

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Why some women have rape fantasies, or How Ayn Rand perverted my sense of Romance

Some Alpha females seek to maintain their Alpha status at all costs, while some would prefer to relinquish their titles when they come home and take on a more subservient role in their romantic relationships. I tried to establish in my earlier post about Intellectual Alpha Males that I was of the latter group, but I’m not sure many noticed, or understood.

You see it sometimes in television and movies, especially when they are portraying more counterculture relationships. My first thought would be of an old episode of CSI (the original) where a man’s wife has completely emasculated him by forcing him to take on the Beta role, so he goes to an S&M club (run by Lady Heather) to take on an Alpha role (It’s an old episode, one that still had the actor William Peterson, the one who played/plays Grissom).

the power struggle

Well the same works in reverse. Sometimes people who like to make decisions all day, people who are forced into a more dominant, Alpha role, prefer to just let go and not make a decision for a while. It’s partly what the whole S&M world is based on, I would imagine.

Now don’t go jumping to conclusions; I don’t have a dungeon tucked away in my tiny little apartment, nor do I frequent that scene, but the concept of choosing a partner who could take a more dominant role does greatly intrigue me. And if you’re easily offended, you should leave this post right now; this one isn’t for the faint of heart.

Or the innocent.

the power struggle

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Truth an original poem

Truth Maze (An original poem)

Truth wrapped in a silken bow
is no more true than that dipped in gold.
The sugar coating distorts the reality.
It all becomes a form of pretense.

We’ve become accustomed to
the little lies
we tell
to not hurt one another’s feelings:

“No, that doesn’t make you look fat.”
“It’s him, not you.”
“Low Cal foods are better,
–even if they are all chemicals.”
“Yes, I think he’ll be back.”

Around the bend we go,
merrily tripping over little barbs of artifice.
They snag and rip at our truths,
all gilded and shiny,
The truths we show to the world.

Little barbs
in the shape of kind words,
meant to build us up,
scratch and tear at
our “selves”
And we patch them with whatever
vitriol we can find:

“Oh no, of course he isn’t seeing someone else.”
“Yes I’m attracted to you still.”
“It’s only a few pounds,
–you can take them off again.”
“It’s his loss.”

We patch ourselves to hide the scars
To hide the pain
Obscuring the memory of what was and
Replacing it with
What could have been
Until there is no truth to be seen any more.

And through the maze we go.
Making wrong turns
Ripping through our now motley facade
Still searching for a safe place
At the center.

Each new experience a new barb
A new wound
Some barbs remain in our silken bow,
Now tattered and dirty.

Turn after turn,
Misstep after misstep,
Forwards and backwards
And forwards again.

Like Alice through her looking glass
We are the reflections of
the lies we tell:

“I love you.”
“I hate you.”
“I wish to never see you again.”
“I want you in my life.”

Brambles and vines ensnare us
Ripping at our outer selves
Our tarnished, tattered
Until there is nothing left but
A simple chord:

Drab and bland
And completely real.
This is who I truly am.
This is me.

I have found the center.

I came to a place
Where the truth was pure
And my heart
Wept with gladness.