Daily Archives: March 7, 2014

Sunny days in Lizland.

It’s amazing what good news and sunshine will do for the soul! I have been dreading my job, to the point of missing work due to panic attacks the last few days. I was ready to pack it in and quit because I felt like everyone must know about how bad things were, and what a failure I was as a teacher. And I was wrong! (Been a bit of that going around lately…)

Turns out that my administrators didn’t think there was a problem because I quit going to talk to them. I quit going to to talk to them because nothing seemed to be getting better, even when I went to talk to them.

I wonder how that happened…

how'd that happen2

Oh yeah, I was in a deep dark funk because everything in my life seemed to be headed in a dark place. Or maybe I was just fed up with teaching because now teaching is the equivalent of a juvenile prison guard. Or possibly I hate teaching to the test, but that’s all my job is anymore. Continue reading Sunny days in Lizland.