Daily Archives: March 6, 2014

housecleaning my page

A little housecleaning.

And no, I’m not referring to my home, which I promised to post pictures of by Pi day (March 14th). Ages ago, I had created these nice, neat little categories on the left side of the screen to sort all my posts. Seems, true to my Gemini nature, that I can’t stay on one topic for very long, or else I get bored…

Well, I finally got around to organizing them. Some of the older posts only fit into the “Just One Cup”  category. Apparently, in the early stages of this blog, I was just doing things like reviews and venting… a lot of venting!

It was a bit of fun to go back and see some of the older things, to see how my view has changed in the 2 years since I started this thing.

For instance, in “Five Things I’ve learned from being Adopted,” I talk about, you guessed it, being adopted, but I also started to discuss the being “chosen” aspect of adoption that in more recent years I’ve identified as some of the cause of my abandonment issues

Also, in my post “Yes, yes you did,” I discuss how a friend almost ruined her relationship by not trusting… which is almost what I did, and why I needed to apologize.

I’m beginning to think that what they say about history repeating itself, might just be true…

History Lessons from Housecleaning