Why Walter White is the best representative of today’s frustrated teachers.

so... this is my life now

We have a trail of regrets that led us to this career.


We yearn to inspire…

…and pass on our passion…


…to kids who couldn’t care less.

We’re just a little bit odd…


…and half the time, we’re just acting tough.

We work for parents and students who demean us, not just as professionals, but as humans.

Our bosses used to be one of us, but forgot what that was like.


We are micromanaged to no end.


And then, we snap.

Because all we wanted was some control…

…and to tell people to back the fuck off so we can do our fucking job…

…because we really dodid want to help…

…until you fucked us over.

Thank you, public education, for turning us into grizzled beasts unworthy of the dreams we had when we entered this profession.


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