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Butterfly Fire and Ice by Nessie Ralph

Butterfly Dance (Original Poem)

I think I need these
A walk to soothe my nerves
A hand to hold
A hug from a stranger
A nice warm bath…
But they never measure up to
My expectations
Because what I seek
Is not me.

Walking along a garden path
One foot
In front of
The other
Butterflies flitting
Birds chirping
A beautiful flowerSnapdragon pic
O’erhangning the path
Aching to be smelled.
Not a rose
A snapdragon
Filled with monstrous teeth
to snap me up in their
And filled with
The flaming breath
Of False promises and

Little children skipping passed
Noses down
The glow of their
Blinding them to the
And the
That surrounds them.
They do not see me
Behind a
Snapdragon Smile.

Surrounded by
Teachers and Counselors
Engineers and Analysts,
People designed to
See and fix
The errors and flaws
And none of them see
The problem
Within me
The angry teeth
Encasing my
The false smile
From ear to ear
The outstretched
Aching to be

Crowded school hallway
Photo taken from the NY Times. Click pic to go to source.

Seeking hands large enough
To scoop me up
Out of my own
A sense
Of false security
From an outside
One strong enough to
Drag me further
Down this
Dingy Hallway
Full of smelly teens
And unused lockers.

Did I ever enjoy this?
This flitting
Butterfly Dance
Avoiding the stares
Of ignorant,
Plugged in
Searching for like-minded
Eyes equally seeking
Intelligent Intercourse
Between consenting

hugging people
Photo by Sarah Rhoads. Click pic to go to her site.

Can I speak to you?
And will you actually
Will you know me when
Our eyes meet
Across the room?
Will your
Counteract the societal
That Say Strangers
Must maintain
A Safe Distance?
Or will you pull me into
Needing my touch
As much as
I need yours?

I can almost feel
Your arms
Around me,
A warmth
O’ertaking the coldness.
I feel
my smile
Breaking through the
Only to open my eyes
To the
Tears in a cold bath
Can be a source of

And False hope
False security
False smiles
False promises.

But I think I need these things
Because without them
Who would I be?

Cover image is Butterfly Fire and Ice by Nessie Ralph

Marshmallow Madness

When I posted about the Marshmallow challenge, I had promised to post pictures. Now I can post pics from my old students and my new ones! It was a success again! It taught (most) of the students how to work together, and finishing with a writing prompt made it totally worthwhile!

It was a bit rough getting started for some…


Especially if it meant putting the cell phone down! Continue reading Marshmallow Madness

Primal Songs Unsung

This is NOT a new post! I just realized I’d done it in the wrong format. If you haven’t read it before, please enjoy. If you have, my feelings won’t be hurt if you skip it. 😉

Sometimes my brain goes to a dark place, especially when I’m sad about certain things. Or confused. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, and thinking the worst about things I probably shouldn’t. This is the result. Please feel free to comment. I love feedback on creative works.

The smell of you awakens in me a primal urge
A need
A Hunger
A thirst only you can sate
But you keep me at arm’s length.

Arms that I feel, strong and firm
I feel the tenderness in your touch when you wrap your arms around me
I feel the warmth of your hand as it grasps mine in your sleep
I feel the moistness of your breath on my cheek
I feel the pain that will come because it will not last. Continue reading Primal Songs Unsung

Radio Silence

Seems like it’s been a longish while since I had time to sit in front of my computer and just…exist! 2014 is continuing to try to test me, and while I don’t think I’ve been handling it as well as I should, I think I’m coming out of a bad patch (hopefully) and things will be a bit more smooth sailing.

sorryFirst, I think I owe a good friend an apology. I think I was jumping to conclusions (something I asked him NOT to do) about some things he wasn’t saying, all because of a selfish need that wasn’t being filled. Now that my car is fixed, although not quite in my possession, I am aware of how stressed I was about being trapped at home. I needed certain reassurances that I was too stubborn to ask for, and it caused my already tender feelings to be hurt nearly beyond repair. The subsequent argument(s) have kept me in a bit of a funk that opened some creative doors but shut down the more rational processing portions of my brain; the areas that allow me to make smart decisions and write useful stuff.

Secondly, my job has completely been turned on it’s ear! Any of you who are teachers are aware how difficult our job is, in spite of our hours, “paid” summer vacations, and the malicious thought that only inept people become teachers (remember that old adage: “those who can’t, teach…”). For those of you who AREN’T teachers, I’d be glad to enlighten you in a future post. Today, however, is for venting a little about current work craziness. Suffice it to say that teaching is more difficult than the average American believes it to be.

And my job just suddenly became harder. Continue reading Radio Silence

Metaphors and Marshmallows

Today’s foray into the world of teenagers was much more successful than yesterday. And we did actual WRITING!!!

As we are on block schedule, I had new kids today, So, again, we begin with the rules and regulations. A boring 15 minutes in which I feel like we could record the reactions of the students and input it into the Ben Stein scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. “Bueller… Bueller…Bueller.”

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