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There’s “Thank You…”

And then there’s overkill!

The past two weeks have been almost completely overtaken by prom. As the sole prom sponsor, I’ve been running around like crazy to make sure everything was done and looked amazing. Or rather, I suppose, I was running around making sure the kids finished everything and it looked amazing!

It’s an odd sensation to know that this will be my last prom at the school where I currently teach. On one hand it’s been very liberating, because I was in complete control, and had a very open-minded, not money-minded, principal telling me just to get what we need and not worry about the expense. And believe me, we didn’t worry about the cost. I believe we’ve spent more on this prom than any prom in the past, and thus, we will make absolutely no profit from it! Between the DJ, who was, as I expected, amazing but not to the kids’ liking, and the photographer, who wasn’t included in the budget since one of the faculty members offered to do it, only to back out 2 days before prom, and the after prom party at Celebration Station, and the decorations, and, and, and… We spent…well we spent a lot.

But, the principal was very pleased, and even more so because every time he asked me what did I need from him, I could honestly say nothing.

About three weeks ago (maybe four), he let me know that he thought it would be in my best interest to find another job. I handed in my resignation, like a good little lemming, because he asked, and because, well, he was right. The place where I work has become unpleasant at best. The students are completely in charge, or, as the old saying goes, “the inmates are running the asylum!” There are no consequences for their actions. One teacher has been bullied by the students, with no repercussions for the offending kids. The math teachers, who are very old school and have been more than successful in keeping the students focused every year I’ve been there, have had to resort to bribery to keep the students in line. More than one teacher has already decided to leave of their own free will. It’s a MAD HOUSE!

So, yes, it is definitely in my best interest to leave. But what will happen next year for prom?

I know I shouldn’t worry about it. I know the kids will adjust to new teachers (at least four so far, but the year is not out yet, and several other teachers are looking), and that I will adjust to new kids (assuming I can find a new job in the current teacher job shortage), but during our discussion about me not coming back, the principal showed some concern about what would happen next year.

Not only did I do all the planning and the work, including shopping, ordering, hauling students around to pick up supplies, getting food, calling and organizing events, and more, but I was the only chaperone for over half the dance, without even an officer for backup (the principal decided it was an unnecessary expense since there would be so few kids).

As a result, the principal has been singing my praises all day. He showed up half an hour before the dance began and saw how beautiful it was, how organized, how well put together, and thanked me for getting it all done. He thanked me as he left, more than an hour before the dance portion was over, and again when he saw me this morning, and again in an email that he cc-ed to the superintendent, and again over the announcements this morning, and again during the afternoon announcements, and again when he saw me as he was rushing out the door this afternoon.

I appreciate the acknowledgement, but it doesn’t make me feel any better about not having a job next year. Especially because each thank you seems a little more like a plea to come back next year… I think he’s realized that no one will do this next year.

It also hurts that the sophomores, who are the reason why the principal thinks it would be in my best interest to leave, keep asking me if they can do (fill in the blank) next year. I’ve had to remind them I won’t be there next year more than a dozen times.

So, again, I appreciate the thanks, and I wish the best for them next year, but it’s beginning to feel like overkill. I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep from Saturday night (after all, prom for me lasted from 6pm to 7am), and I’m glad it was a hit, but please stop reminding me that it was my last prom!

Yes, yes you did.

Reason 709 why I”m not in a relationship: there’s too much drama!

I just hung up with a friend of mine who called me bawling because her relationship is “on break” while her boyfriend decides whether or not he wants to continue the relationship.

Why? Because she looked through his things, found an homage to his ex girlfriend, and she asked him about it, telling him that it made her feel unimportant. His response was that he felt like she was accusing him of something, and he was tired of her accusing him of things.

Now, I see both sides of the argument: He shouldn’t be keeping loving sentiments about his ex-girlfriend, particularly when he doesn’t have similar collages/pictures/love letters for his current girlfriend, but she shouldn’t be snooping through his stuff.

And for God’s sake! if you snoop, don’t confront him about it when you find something incriminating, or upsetting! If you’re snooping, you are bound to find something upsetting or incriminating. For one thing, if you’re snooping, you are already convinced that something is wrong, and then you will be sure to find something to back up your suspicions.

Furthermore, when a person snoops through their significant other’s private belongings, they are saying, in essence, that the other person’s feelings are completely unimportant. It means that, you don’t feel like they have a right to privacy. Yes, you may be with that person, but it doesn’t mean that you have a right to everything in their lives!

As a couple, you are still two separate individuals. You have separate ideas, separate friends, separate property. And if you don’t have separate lives, to a point, you should. Think about how boring life would be if you shared EVERYTHING with your significant other: No secrets, no surprises, no private moments to vent to your private friends… You would lose yourself!

This is not the first time my friend has snooped on one of her boyfriends. In fact, it’s becoming something of a habit with her. I keep thinking she’ll learn her lesson, but she will snoop, find something to prove her suspicions (as is to be expected), then swear that she won’t say anything about what she found because she knows she’d have to admit to snooping.

Of course, she can never keep the promise of not confronting them. She will dwell on what she found and become angry. Then she’ll tell them how she’s feeling, but by the time she confronts them, it’s become so blown out of proportion that it starts a fight. Then she wonders why they are angry at her…

So, when my friend asked me if she effed up, what did I say? I was a good friend and told her that she had done nothing wrong, but boy did I want to scream, “YES YOU DID!”

Not trusting the person you’re with always leads to effing things up. If you really don’t trust the person you’re dating, as in they’ve given you ample reason to be suspicious, then stop dating them. Don’t lower yourself to snooping.

Only 4 days?

Has it really only been 4 days since my last post? Given the roller coaster my life has been on, these last 4 days seem like 4 lifetimes! I know it’s a cliche, but bare with me.

Since my last post, I have been working on a project (or 3) on the side. Like I said in my very first post, this blog was set up because I love writing, or more accurately, I love the written word. This blog is something I’ve been working on to stretch my writing muscle; to get me back into the game, so to speak (there I go with the cliches again). As a result, I’ve got two writing projects in the works, although I don’t know if I’ll ever finish them.

One is the story of what it was like growing up as a minority in a white family. It was told to me by a dear friend (although I would never say such a thing to his face) that this would be something that other people would like to read. I had been tossing the idea around of using this blog primarily for that project instead of the somewhat disjointed ramblings that I currently have been writing about. A small part of my brain thinks this a great idea! It gives me focus and would help me to establish just exactly who my target audience is/should be. After all, isn’t that the key to having a successful blog.

What exactly does it mean to have a successful blog, anyhow? Is blogging the new “it” medium? With everything happening online these days, will blogs replace magazines and, eventually, even books? Who knows. That’s a topic that I’m not prepared to tackle today, but I will hold onto it for a day when my life is a little less complicated.

The other project is a possible movie script based on the small school where I teach. We’ll come back to that one in a moment, as the small school where I teach is a major factor in the rest of the excitement that has taken place in the 4 days since my last post.

Since my last post, I have been given an eviction notice, if it can be truly called that, and been told that my teaching contract will not be renewed for next year. Ironically, the job and the house fell into my hands in the same day, so I suppose it only makes sense that I should find out that I’m losing them both at the same time.

First, the woman who owns my house passed away, and the person taking care of her estate has decided to sell the house in which I’m currently living. She sent me an eviction notice via text message…And gave me seven days to move. Obviously, I’m fighting this one. Seven days to move, sent via text message, when I’m two months from finishing the school year is unacceptable. Until she follows the proper procedure, I’m going to continue on as if I never received the notice, because, for all legal purposes, I have not received a notice.

Then, two days later, my principal informed me that my contract would not be renewed because I “can’t get along” with a particular class of students. These students are known for not following any of the rules set by any of the teachers. In fact, they tried to bully one of the male teachers, and nothing was done about it.

So am I upset about these events? Not as much as I should be. It seems to me that one cycle has ended, and it seems that I’ve come full circle; like I said, I got the job and the house the same day, so losing them in the same week seems a pretty definitive sign that my time here is finished.

You’ll learn that signs are pretty important to me…

Now the job hunt has begun, and it’s a hefty project all by itself. I’ve decided that just as this job was handed to me, the next phase in my life will happen in a similar fashion. Meaning that, while I fully intend to put in a ton of work to find a job, the right job/place will jump out at me just at it did with this one.

I will miss my kiddos, though. They’ve taught me a lot, and I love each of them as if they were my own kids, even the ones who give me a hard time. I only wish that handful of kids would realize that I’m not the enemy; never have been.

In the meantime, I’m going to write. I have this idea of a teacher movie which is more of a love story than a teacher movie. I have enough material from this little school that I should be able to write a fairly interesting story.

Of course, I don’t want to paint the school in a bad light, but there are plenty of things going on there that shouldn’t be happening. This is why I can’t quite give too much detail about it, and I’m not sure if it will ever be finished. It may just be therapy.

Now the other story, the one about me… I might actually write that one. Expect in the next few weeks or so a sample of it for your perusal. I need to know if this is even something people would want to read.

Hopefully, things will calm down in my life so that I can get back to writing! I’ve realized just how much I missed it!