The first cup.

Some days just need a cup of tea. Or ten. There are those days when you look around and you notice, “this is soooo not what I signed up for!” On those days, I find that a nice cup of tea makes it all a little bit more palatable.

Well, today wasn’t exactly one of those days, but it was a day when I realized I haven’t written for entirely too long. Instead, I read. I read as part of my job and on my time off. I find that reading has become my life, but the writing… well the desire to write eats at me. It nibbles at the edges of my mind, reminding me that if I don’t write a little here and there, I will lose my ability to do so. I will find my writing as droll as the ramblings I read on Facebook or in the papers written by the high school students I try, successfully or not, to teach.

I’ve tried to explain to friends that I am in love with the written word. In college, I felt like an older man balancing a wife and a mistress. Literature was my wife, who deserved my love and devotion, but Theatre was my mistress, full of passion and excitement! Every book I read was something to be worshiped and adored; to be lovingly caressed, and the themes to be incorporated into my life. Theatre brought those words alive with a passion of a forbidden affair, and each experience was a little different and memorable, but ephemeral.

Somewhere along the way, I started writing, and I loved it. Of late, however, I’ve found that I’ve left the pen (or the keyboard) sitting idle for too long. I feel my skills dying, my vocabulary dwindling. Even as I type this, I find myself bored with my own words. *Sigh*

So this is the beginning. This is me, sitting in a coffee shop, drinking tea and people watching. I’m looking for new material, new ideas, new experiences to write about. And for better or worse, I’m taking the people of the world wide web along for the ride.


About Elizabeth

First and foremost I am a teacher. What I teach is a blend of grammatical art, literary love, and a smidge of spiritual awareness. My blog tries to combine the best of all three over a cup of tea.

3 thoughts on “The first cup.

  1. I suppose you learn new things every day… But have never really figured out why women tend to be better at reading literature, grammar, spelling and reading, and men at math, algebra, and calculus.
    I would love to have been an english teacher, perhaps to teach some of these seemingly stupid teenagers that there IS still a need for writing without spellcheck!

    1. I’d tell you to go ahead and get your teaching certificate, but there seems to be a shortage of teaching jobs (especially for English teachers) at the moment! Plus, I’m noticing it’s not just teenagers who can’t seem to spell check or edit their work. I noticed a news post the other day that was brimming with typos! Someone should probably be fired for it, but seeing as this seems to be an increasing trend, I doubt they will be… :/

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