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Wednesday Wonderings: Things Are A-Changing.

It’s been over a month since I posted, granted it was for good reason (details in a bit), but now I need to fill in my followers (all like three of you that are left) on some of the changes that will be happening, and to talk my way through some of the thoughts that have been going on in my head.

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Weekend Coffee Share: One more Bad Date

This week’s coffee share is probably going to be longer than it should since it’s been so long since I’ve done one; I want to apologize for that.

Please grab a cup of tea or coffee and curl up on the couch with me for a bit of catch up.

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Tender Tuesday: 4 months later…

My dating life has mostly been on hiatus… as has most of the rest of my life, really. April was a month full of severe stress, and May is turning out much better already!

I’m back talking with a couple of guys I thought I’d probably never hear from again, and started talking to a new one who has a great deal of promise. In the middle of all that, there was one dud who came back completely unexpectedly just yesterday morning. Continue reading “Tender Tuesday: 4 months later…”

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Beltane 2019: I’m back…

As the fires of Bel make the land fertile and the sun takes over, bringing us into Summer (though it was gray and wet when I tried to go on a walk earlier), I’m finally back to write and share with my wonderful online people!

I do apologize for my disappearance. I wish I had a good excuse, but basically, it was simply that something had to take a back seat, and this was the thing that went. All of my writing went the way of the dodo for the last month or so…

This weekend I’ll be back with the Coffee Share (assuming it still exists…), so today I want to celebrate Beltane, also known as May Day!

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Thursday Thoughts: Why must we wait?

While today I fully intended to write a post about why it took me nearly 4 months to finally decide I couldn’t finish a particular book, instead I find myself questioning the state of dating in America. More specifically, the culture attached to dating American men.

See, a friend of mine is going on a dating adventure of sorts that has opened her up to dating men from various countries, and there’s one thing she’s noticed: they don’t wait the way American men do.

So I’m asking the question: American men, why must we wait to show our affection?

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